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If you cannot find a specific item in our What We Do page for a quotation, please use this form instead. Make sure to be definitive about the specs of your product to avoid delays and misunderstandings, so we can give you the best possible price.

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Some questions & explanations regarding the quotation form.

Why are there (1) (2) (3) on the Quantity?

Quantity affects price. Depending on the quantity, we can determine whether digital or offset printing would be more suitable for your project. Lower volume jobs are generally priced per piece, but with accordance to other factors/specs, so it still varies. Higher volume jobs (about 500 pcs. above–or depending on ink coverage) are usually done with offset printing. The greater the quantity, the cheaper your cost per piece will be.

If you would like to keep your options open and are flexible on the quantity needed, you may ask for different quantities (Ex: 1000, 1800, 2500) and compare the prices. Since price plays a big factor on choosing your printing press, we want to give you the best possible price for the same professional quality printing.

However, you are not required to fill in all 3 fields.

How do I determine the printed side?

This is the printed side in spread size, before it is folded or altered.

For example, if your product is a book and you want the cover in full colors (CMYK) but the inner side of the covers are blank, then your colors should be 4/0. The book cover, when disassembled and laid flat, should be seen as a whole sheet with only one side printed on and the back side blank. One common mistake is assuming that the front and back covers of the book are different printed sides, thus making it 4/4, when it should be 4/0.

What do you mean by ''No. of Colors''?

The number of colors is determined by your artwork’s use of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) with each color counted as 1.

  • 4/4 – four colors on both sides (front & back)
  • 4/1 – four colors on front, 1 color (usually black) on back
  • 4/0 – four colors on front, and no print on back
  • 4+1/4 – four colors + one special color on front, four colors on back

*Please note that we do not accept files in RGB.

Choosing the best paper for your project

Please see Cheat Sheet on Paper/Stock tab.

What are ''Finishes''?

Finishes are additional work done after printing.

Does my project need Coating/Lamination?

A coating or lamination is an additional layer applied after the printing process to protect and preserve your printed products. Depending on the purpose of your prints, coating/lamination can strengthen your paper, improve appearance and feel, protect it from water, extend its life, and more. Laminations using plastic may also make it harder for it to be torn.

  • Varnish – a clear liquid coating that results in a glossy look. It is the cheapest option but also has the lowest protection.
  • UV Lamination – also a clear liquid coating that is hardened by exposing it to ultraviolet light. This is glossier and has more protection than varnish.
  • Plastic Lamination – a layer of glossy plastic is applied to achieve a glossy and more vibrant look. We also offer a variety of textures for plastic lamination.
  • Matte Lamination – also a layer of plastic, but matte. Use with caution as colors may become duller, but this is mostly used for a more sophisticated look. We also offer a variety of textures for matte lamination.
  • Spot UV – a varnish applied to “spots” (chosen areas) to highlight that part of the artwork. Usually paired with matte lamination to heighten the contrast between the glossy and matte parts.

Folding Options

This is a guide for brochures, pamphlets, and the like. There are tons of folding options available, but these are the most popular ones.

Flat / No Fold /


Tri-Fold / Letter Fold /

Gate Fold


Accordion Fold

Four-Panel Roll Fold

Double Gate Fold


Double Parallel Fold

Half-Fold + Half-Fold /
French Fold

Half-Fold + Tri-Fold

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